FNT: Unleash the Future of Finance!

FNT is at the forefront of financial innovation, taking inspiration from everyday financial activities. FNT introduces a novel concept, combining DeFi, CeFi, and Game-Fi elements in one platform.

FNT continues the legacy of financial innovation set by its parent company, Global Unit Pay, a neo-bank headquartered in Switzerland that serves clients worldwide. Global Unit Pay has provided B2B blockchain-powered fintech solutions for over 3.5 years for blockchain companies, crypto exchanges for the top 30 CMC and below, and other businesses. With the FNT concept, we are moving the banking services to the crypto field with additional features.

In the FNT ecosystem, users increase their assets by staking and earning, participating in liquidity pools, or copy-trading. FNT introduces the concept of FNT (utility) token and internal FUNT (gaming) token to enhance user interaction and platform governance. With a focus on a user-friendly interface, FNT aims to revolutionize the way people manage and grow their finances. Whether it's earning interest on crypto holdings, utilizing crypto through gift and crypto cards, or immersing in engaging games, FNT provides a multifaceted platform for users to explore.

Prioritizing the security and privacy of our members, we built a holistic financial ecosystem with enhanced safety measures to protect customer funds and peace of mind. Join us on this exciting journey as we redefine the future of finance with FNT!

Note: FNT is currently in its Beta Phase, and content in the Whitepaper may be subject to change in the future.


Utility Token: FNT

Internal Game Token: FUNT

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