Problem, solution and strategy

FNT Team recognizes the evolving needs of humanity in this digitalized and globalized era. It bridges the gap between traditional and contemporary approaches, combining the best features to offer up-to-date, effective, and borderless solutions. FNT places the future of finance within reach, presenting a financial system that operates seamlessly, like a well-tuned machine.

In contrast to most well-known cryptocurrency exchanges that feature complex functionalities requiring specialized training for newcomers, FNT acknowledges that simplicity can be essential. Users often want to use a converter or a straightforward exchange without dealing with intricate charts and order books. For this reason, we are creating a simple and intuitive wallet that even the average person can understand, eliminating unnecessary complexities. For more experienced users prioritizing security and stable rewards, we offer opportunities for staking, earning, and participating in liquidity pools to preserve and grow their assets. Recognizing the increasing number of people storing their wealth in cryptocurrencies, we provide options to use crypto through gift cards, crypto cards, and, if needed, bank transfers to user accounts. FNT strives to cater to users of all levels, making crypto accessible and practical for everyone.

FNT adopts a strategy focused on addressing current and potential future challenges arising from the shift to digitalization. Recognizing that modern problems require responsive solutions and that the pace of digitalized daily life surpasses traditional bureaucratic approaches, FNT aims for solutions that transcend regional or national boundaries. In a globalized world, every solution must be global.

Our strategy involves attracting users and the crypto community through an approach centered on simplicity and an intuitive user wallet experience. By integrating additional features into the wallet, each user will find a piece of the exciting journey in FNT World. Here, we explore new opportunities for asset growth and portfolio building. The technical infrastructure of the FNT platform allows us to engage new crypto communities by listing their tokens, crypto card customization and white label opportunities, enabling every individual to be a committed holder of their crypto while having access to the accessible features of the FNT platform.

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