Staking, earning and LTV

Discover a universe of continuous cryptocurrency rewards through FNT. Your dedication to holding these coins, stablecoins included, is now a conduit to consistent earnings. But FNT goes beyond that; it unlocks the door for everyday users to access top-tier tools used by institutions. With FNT, you can dive into a liquidity pool, a feature favored by leading cryptocurrency platforms for their users. In return, these platforms are ready to offer unique conditions previously reserved for a select few.

Engage in trading tournaments and copy trading, enabling FNT users to immerse themselves in ongoing cryptocurrency market transactions and replicate the actions of the best traders. Join FNT and explore a realm where your holdings grow and open doors to exclusive opportunities in the crypto space.

Every daily financial need can be met with FNT in the blink of an eye. FNT members can use digital assets as collateral for an instant Loan-to-Value (LTV) option. LTV can be utilized on the card to spend at a merchant or withdraw as cash. Instantly leverage your digital assets to enhance their values without the need to liquidate your assets. If desired, sell your digital assets to repay the loan whenever it feels right.

Just as people have been leveraging their physical assets for a long time, why sell your house when needing money instead of mortgaging it? Benefit from the actual value of your digital assets without the risk of losing them. Conduct future transactions with FNT and seize the exact value of your assets.

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