Vаlentin Sоkolnikov is the Chief Executive Officer of FNT. With over 12 years of finance experience, including high-ranking positions in government organizations, Valentin brings strategic business development expertise to the company. He is also the CEO of Global Unit Pay (GUP) - an advanced blockchain-based platform with a technically advanced set of services for conducting B2B, financial transactions.

Аrtur Pоlеshuk is the Chief Technology Officer of FNT. Artur is an expert in software engineering with over 19 years of experience in software and full-stack development. Since 2016 Artur has been leading teams in the blockchain sector and gained outstanding experience in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Мilа Sеrdjukova is the Chief Marketing Officer of FNT. Leading in the business world, as a Businesswoman, Speaker, Mentor, Marketing Expert, and Professional Investor with the motto of “Inspire. Create. Add Value.” Her passion is shaping a rich mindset and harboring people while leading them towards high potential investment goals. Mila has 14+ years of experience in various scopes of work, particularly in Business Development, Sales & Marketing.

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