Crypto cards

FNT crypto cards transcend contemporary payment solutions, ushering in the future of accessible financial transactions. Crafted for your convenience, these cards require only a balance of crypto assets to initiate seamless transactions.

Each purchase with crypto credit cards can unlock a credit line, the boundaries of which expand with your membership level and assets in collateral. As you ascend the membership tiers, the privileges, rewards, and bonuses accompanying the cards evolve to enhance the experience for both regular users and dedicated FNT holders.

FNT gift cards unveil a world of convenient and thrilling possibilities. Now, you can order products online through Amazon or savor a cup of coffee at Starbucks, all by paying with a gift card purchased with cryptocurrency. Everything from video games on PlayStation and Steam is available 24/7, and all of this is on the most favorable terms for you.

For more traditionally inclined users, there is also an option to order a physical gift card. After use, it can be kept as a memento. Discover a new level of convenience and flexibility with FNT gift cards!

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